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replication process one-shot

Hi, I am having problems using replication in one-shot.
My replication server stopped to work for a long time and when I found out I restarted it with a new replog file. After confirming the replication started to work again I stopped the process of "slurpd" and executed the "slurped" in one-shot mode with -r for previous replog file and -o for one shot.

Unfortunately I found out that there is a time stamp that ignored my old entries at the replog file because the time stamp is now older than the last updated time stamp to the replication server !!!

My question is how can I submit the changes using the "slurpd" one-shot command so it will ignore the timestamp and update my LDAP replication server with the old replog file ?

please help as the old changes are important and the log file is very big.