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Re: ldif import problems

--On Saturday, August 28, 2004 10:17 PM -0400 synrat <synrat@wirewalk.org> wrote:

openldap-server-2.2.14 and same version client utils. running on freebsd 4.10

MailRoutingAddress is in the misc.schema and it doesn't seem to be
an alias. I tried importing stuff without mailRoutingAddress and got the
same error message, then I removed mailhost addribute and I got a
different error.

ldap_add: Type or value exists (20)
         additional info: objectClass: value #0 provided more than once

There are no duplicate entries anywhere in ldif, so I'm not sure what
this error message means?

Hm, are you sure this entry doesn't already exist in the server you are loading it into, if you are using ldapadd?


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