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RE: Centralized LDAP Authentication or Kerberos+LDAP Authentication

I think original subject of this thread get lost.  we should not talk about
if a init script is well programmed or not.

Well, Talking about centralized LDAP or kerberos, I want to invite everyone
who's interested to join in some form to LinuXchangE project.  LXE core is
what you exactly are talking here, central LDAP auth.  Does this sound
familiar to windows users?  Well, now, I have LDAP auth for all servers on
LinuXchangE domain and a NT4-Style Windows server with samba3.0.6 (by the
way, this version supports Krb with heimdal).  Password sync with
UNIX/Crypt, SAMBA/NT or Kerberos is done so if you type passwd command on
command line.

Well, if anyone is interested please email me, visit webpage
www.linuxchange.com or join into lxe mailing list at

Best regards,