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ldap_next_entry seg faults

Hi, I am having problems using ldap_next_entry in openldap-2.2.15 (although I have not yet tested this with any previous versions), and am experiencing sigsev faults in places where I do not, if I use the novell libldapsdk for linux.

My code executes a search and then uses ldap_count_entries - it tells me there are two entries, which is correct.  I then use ldap_first_entry and using the LDAPMessage that it allocates, I get that message's attributes and attribute values until ldap_next_attribute returns NULL.  I then try ldap_next_entry but I get a sigsev fault at getEntry.c:55.

Does anybody know what I might be doing that causes this on libldap and not on the novell libldapsdk?

Thanks in advance,


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