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Re: Overlays?

Matthew J. Smith wrote:

I have seen a number of references to "overlays" on this mailing list,
but can't seem to find any definitive documentation. Could someone
point me in the right direction?

In servers/slapd/overlays/slapover.txt there's a description of the architecture
of slapd with significant details on how overlays work. There's little more
than that, except for the code in HEAD. After rapidly changing for a while,
now overlays are likely freezing into their final form. The examples available
in HEAD range from silly applications (denyop.c, now obsoleted by the frontend
code) to pcache.c, refint.c, rwm*.c, unique.c and more. We're developing our
own overlays for special features required by our customers, and we plan to
release some any soon, considering their potential usefulness.


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