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Re: What is err=52?

One of the symptoms of my o=NCSU,c=US redirect ceasing to work is that
err=52 starts showing up.  What does that error mean?  I have full
logging on and finally caught the problem when it occured, but the logs
really aren't telling me anything.  =/

You can find the meaning of these error codes in:


Decimal 52 = 34 Hex

According to ldap.h 0x34 = LDAP_UNAVAILABLE

Interesting. It's connecting to ldapi:///. (it being, an ldap backend) I can still make queries to the real database. The ldap backend is being used to redirect o=NCSU,c=US to dc=ncsu,dc=edu. I don't get it. I'm about to just have to tell my user population "sorry, the old base dn isn't going to work anymore". =/


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