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Cannot import users


Im running Openldap 2.2.15 and samba 3.0.5 on a RedHat 9.0 machine.

(My NT Domain name is : DOMIAN1, Redhat Server name is REDHATPC)

I have domain master = no on the Redhat Linux machine.


Objective is to migrate the users from NT 4 to samba.


When I run the command,


Net rpc vampire –S NT_SERVER_NAME –Uadministrator%password


I get the error,


Cannot import users from DOMAIN1 at this time, as the current domain:

    REDHATPC: S-1-5-21-22………………..

Conflicts with the remote domain

     DOMAIN1: S-1-5-21-09………….


Perhaps you need to set:



In your smb.conf


Though I have my smb.conf file with the above mentioned entries, I am still not able to migrate the user accounts from NT 4 domain to samba.


Am I missing something here?