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Best version of OpenSSL?

[ Yes, it's an OpenLDAP question ]

What's the "best" version of OpenSSL to use with OpenLDAP?  FreeBSD 4.10
ships with 0.9.7d, and I'm having trouble getting it to work with an old
server running 0.9.6a; I have no trouble getting 0.9.6g to work with
0.9.6a though.

I vaguely recall someone (Howard?) saying that 0.9.7 is buggy...

Yes, all servers are running OpenLDAP 2.0.25, as upgrading is not an
option right now.  The problem is ldap_pvt_tls_check_hostname() calling
method->ext_free(alt), and that function is null because the
"ASN1_ITEM_EXP *it" method is defined.  The certificate handed from the
ancient server in question has several Alternative Names, if that makes a

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