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Re: adduser/userdel replacement

tir, 17.08.2004 kl. 12.16 skrev Imobach González Sosa:

> Well, we've got our OpenLDAP+PAM+Courier-IMAP infrastructure up and running. 
> It seems to work fine (users doesn't complain... by now). And now we would 
> like to know if exists any adduser/userdel LDAP capable. I've googled for a 
> while and I've seen some examples, but I don't know much about the 
> reliability of such scripts.
> So, have you got any experience with any of them? Recommendations?

I've just done a combine Linux Terminal Server/OL 2.2/Postfix/Courier 
IMAP installation which necessitated adding 1100+ users in various
groups to the LDAP DIT from a list of first-name middle-name last-names.
To do it, I had to learn awk thoroughly and add that to my shell
scripting skills ;) The initial addition was with a pure awk script. To
maintain it, I use shell with awk and make a lot of use of ldapsearch.
Use ldapsearch with awk to return variables like uid.

It's no good giving set scripts, since each user's needs will be
different, but Jeroen Vriesman's basic so-called HOWTO
http://www.vriesman.tk/ will give an idea (it might have disappeared,
from what I've read, and uses sed instead of awk).


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