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Solaris 8-Solaris 9 comparision

Since Igor assured me of the stability in Solaris 9 these days, I went ahead and put together a comparison test, since I've been meaning to retry Solaris 9 for some time anyhow.

Test: Have 30 systems pound a box running the particular OS.

Hardware: Netra T1405, 3 CPU, 3 GB of RAM, 2 SCSI Disks

The Solaris 8 & Solaris 9 hardware were identical. All the latest patches from Sun were applied prior to the test. The /etc/system properties were identical on each system. Each system had all software compiled under that particular OS, from gcc to OpenLDAP. OpenLDAP database & setup was identical.

Results are at:


General conclusions:

Solaris 9 is about as stable as Solaris 8 and efficient in its replies as Solaris 8.

Both systems dropped to 29 hosts right away (this is standard behavior from what I've seen).

Solaris 9 dropped down eventually to 27 hosts, Solaris 8 to 28.

Overall query/second rates were comparable.

Therefore, I drop my objections to Solaris 9 & its threading model, which seems to have been fixed in the year since I last tested it. ;)


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