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Re: Slurpd and cpu usage

On Fri, Aug 13, 2004 at 10:31:41PM -0400, James Courtney wrote:
> Anyone seen this on Linux, this is probably my most serious issue right now
> as my slurpd doesn't play nice with my slapd and I'm suspecting that the high
> CPU load is tied to this.  Basically the slapd by itself stays up all day
> long, with slurpd, down many times.  Usually a nice 2GB slapd.replog is
> generated for me too.  I'm running a cron of the one-shot slurpd which is
> working okay but I'd really like to know what's hurting me here.  Both 2.1.25
> and 2.2.15 exhibit the same high CPU load (in dev).  I can't verify a
> stability change with 2.2.15 yet as I don't have it in production, still need
> to devise tests...

I've seen this behaviour once in older versions where I happened to configure the
replogfile name with the same name as the private copy slurpd makes, so slurpd
entered in a nice loop and never stoped. Maybe you are seeing something similar.