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Re: Slurpd and cpu usage

fre, 13.08.2004 kl. 18.20 skrev James Courtney:

> Again, RedHat 3 ES, Openldap 2.2.15 (or 2.1.25), back-bdb with
> DB-4.2.52 (patched), HPQ Proliant DL 380 2x2.4 Ghz Xeon, 2GB RAM,
> 2x36GBx10k SCSI RAID 0...
> Slurpd and slapd use essentially 0% CPU with nothing going on (no
> suprises here).
> After a couple of small updates the slurpd now uses roughly 25% CPU
> from this point on.  My last updates were 12 hrs. ago and still this
> is the CPU utilization.  This seems inordinately high for something
> that should just poll that file periodically for additions and
> replicate those as any normal LDAP client would.  Is this common
> slurpd behavior?

No way! I'm using practically the same Linux distro and OL version
(2.2.15) config as you, remember? 0.1 CPU after 24 hours uptime for
slurpd and many updates. The rig(s) in question (is|are) a new
experience for me, but everything is working as per the book.

However, I do have issues with slurpd (ldaps to the slave). I have to
start it with '&' or it hangs at the "service ldap start" command, and
make sure (ps) that only one instance is running ('killall slurpd' kills
superfluous - there can be up to 5 - extraneous instances but leaves the
crucial one untouched).



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