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OpenLDAP and Replication Paths

I am putting some initial thought into high-performance, fault tolerant
OpenLDAP network designs.  One design I particularly liked was the
recommended iPlanet Directory Server architecture, containing two
masters, two replica hubs, and N replicas.  For those unfamiliar with
this design:
Two read/write multi-masters each replicate data to two read-only
replica-hubs, which each replicate to each of the N replicas.

A write-performance boost is realized as the multi-masters are not
burdened by replicating to N replicas directly, and therefore can be
under a fairly heavy write load without hugely impacting complete
replication.  And of course, every server and replication path is

Since each replica is a consumer of two redundant providers, they need
to be "smart enough" to discard duplicate updates.

Is this possible to do with OpenLDAP, via SyncRepl or Slurpd?  Can two
providers send the same data to a single consumer without confusing the


Matthew J. Smith <matt.smith@uconn.edu>
University of Connecticut ITS

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