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slapd binds to DGRAM socket + LDAP_PARAM_ERROR

hi i am facing following problems with openldap....hope somebody can help...

1) I install the openLDAP server(version 2.2.13) on linux(version red hat
7.3) , everything works fine.
The next day, i switch on the machine, start the server -
I get an error - "ldap_bind: cant contact ldap server"
"netstat" shows me slapd binded to one of the udp sockets on an ephemeral
(when the server is running fine, netstat shows slapd binded to a TCP
- surprisingly "make test" runs fine - performing all the operations with no

2) When the ldap server is  up and running - i am trying to write a ldap
client in VC++ using winldap.h.
i do ldap_init (or ldap_open) - which returns me an LDAP structure which
basically maintains the session and is required by the other ldap fns as a
parameter. when i pass this structure (obtained from ldap_init) to any
function either the fn crashes (eg ldap_set_option or ldap_get_option) or it
returns me an error LDAP_PARAM_ERROR(eg ldap_result - called after