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Re: Syncrepl or slurpd

--On Thursday, August 12, 2004 6:23 PM +0100 Pedro Silva <psilva@dcc.online.pt> wrote:

For what I can get syncrepl and slurpd are used to do the same thing: replication. Since know there are two ways to get replication working what shoul administrator do. Stop using slurpd and start using syncrepl? Use only slurpd if replication is very simple? or even, use both of them?

Anyone has some experience with this, although is still very fresh?


I work with syncrepl quite often. I have not moved it to our test or production systems at Stanford, where they still use slurpd. I do have syncRepl set up in our development environment. I've have done some very initial testing with 2.2.15 (all releases prior to 2.2.15 have various issues with syncRepl) that passed. I will post more to the openldap-software list once I've completed my various tests of syncRepl. There are capabilities that people can use with syncRepl that are not really possible with slurpd.

slurpd isn't supported much as far as development is concerned, but it works well, and is quite stable in the 2.2 series.


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