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We use openldap 2.1.25 and I am trying to setup back-ldap.

I have two existing servers dc=domain1,dc=org and other 
I have set up referrals for these and they seem to work ok.

I have an application that cannot handle referrals so I was planning to set 
up a back-ldap instance to proxy requests to these servers.

I have a couple of questions
1) Few examples that I found on the mailing list have a rootdn in the 
database ldap declaration. Is this required?

2) Both the servers do not allow anonymous access and I cannot have a user 
common to both the servers. How do you bind to the servers?
If I give the dn with the right ACLs for the first server it reads the first

server and cannot login into the next one.

I am sure this would be a typical scenario for a referral setup but I 
couldn't find an answer on the net.

Thanks much,
Girija Parvate