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Re: Overlays?

Digant Kasundra wrote:

Is there any documentation on overlays? What they are? How they can be used? How they can be developed?

There's a document available; see servers/slapd/overlays/slapover.txt the rest is about ccoding by example, i.e. look at available overlays and learn from that. In my opinion (I'm regularly using overlays and I coded a few) one essentially requires a good knowledge of OpenLDAP's slapd internals, because there's no clear definition of an internal API as a common, neutral interface access point to the internals. We are evolving in that direction, and the (*)(op, rs) handle/callback mechanism is a clear example. If you're considering to develop your own overlay for relatively straightforward purposes, feel free to ask questions or submit pieces of code; if you are more oriented towards improving the overlay mechanism, then you should definitely move to -devel as a more appropriate forum.

Ciao, p.

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