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Re: ldap backend + ldapi (fwd)

Frankly, I'm at present using back-ldap with proxycache over ldapi for
postfix authentication and mailrouting, the uptime is now 38 days.I
must admit that it is an elder HEAD version. But even with 2.1.13
back-meta with a few rewriting rules was rock stable, but without
proxycache at that time. While back-ldap has about 4 search requests
per minute, the server (2.2.14) answers more than 40 search requests per
minute, as it primarily supports pam and an addressbook.

;) That's all fine and good, but that's not helping it work for me. hehehe I don't understand why it's failing or anything. I may have to turn on super logging and hope it doesn't run me out of disk space. ;)

Do you use back-ldap or back-meta? Why would be the benefit of back-meta instead? From the docs, it seems like all it does is call back-ldap. Do you actually use back-ldap or back-meta in your config?


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