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Re: ldap backend + ldapi (fwd)

On Wed, 11 Aug 2004, Daniel Henninger wrote:

777 which is not default on many systems.

Sorry my mistake, it has to be world writeable, but the mod is identical 777.

Well, the odd thing about this is, it "was" working, and then, at one point, stopped working. =) I never touched the permissions, but you are correct, it's not set world writable. I wonder why it worked before? (it's almost like it had a 'slow leak' somewhere, because it took about a day before the ldapi connection stopped behaving)

You should not need to mess with the socket permissions. Of course if you remove the file, you will have problems.

As it turns out, ldap://localhost/ is also failing. It never happens immediately, but "at some point", the ldap backend stops bothering to do anything it seems. Anyone have any suggestions? Basically the whole

I wonder if your database is/gets corrupted. Can you share your configuration, software versions etc?

purposes of this is to make o=NCSU,c=US continue to work while our new base dn is dc=ncsu,dc=edu. Ideally I'd like to be able to have both work "forever". Any suggestions?

Check 'man slapd-meta'

I'm out of ideas as to how to get the ldap backend to be stable. =/ I can not make sense of when it elects to die. It doesn't seem to be easily reproducable.

-- Igor