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RE: openldap versions and silent exit

Wow, I haven't seen anything like that but I'll keep a look out for the size of the process.


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Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 12:18 PM
To: James Courtney
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Subject: RE: openldap versions and silent exit

On Wed, 11 Aug 2004, James Courtney wrote:

> Kirk,
>	I do look at the memory usage of the slapd process quite
> regularly and I haven't noticed it growing excessively.  Actually,
> our new LDAP DB is smaller than our old one and that one ran for
> months without problems on RedHat 9.  Currently I'm seeing 57M of
> memory in use for slapd on the system which receives the majority
> of the LDAP traffic.  How big were your processes growing?  I've
> compiled all of the dependent libs myself as well (OpenSSL and BDB).

Unless I restart it periodically, the slapd process will grow to the
limit of available memory (out of a total of 1 GB RAM per server,
in this case). I've definitely correlated the process growth to
search operations. Rate of growth depends entirely on the number
and type of search operations processed by slapd.

At the moment, I have a cron job check the process size in the late
night hours and restart slapd if it exceeds 30% of total memory. (I
could have let it get larger, of course, but didn't know what impact
that might have on performance or stability.)

Kirk Turner-Rustin
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