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mail servers + ldap load balancing

We have an environment with several mail servers (currently 3) each running various SMTP, POP, and IMAP.  The software utilized is Postfix (with Courier maildrop) and Courier pop3d and imapd.  All of these authenticate against our OpenLDAP server(s).  We are entertaining a couple of replication/loadbalancing scenareos:

For both scenareos place the master LDAP server on a dedicated machine.

- Scenareo I -

Each mail server has it's own replicated instance of OpenLDAP running and references it using localhost for minumum network latency/utilization.

- Scenareo II -

We maintain a cluster or repliated OpenLDAP instances (possibly running on each mail server) and these are IP load balanced and referenced through a single domain name.

Which of these if preferable?  Should we consider something different?