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Re: LDAP browser

> Does any one know how to make LDAPBROWSER work? I can connect as anonymous
> user 
this means ur slapd server running well, 
>but not as a root or any other user. 
 the season maybe in both side of ur client and server.
 to check it, try:
On server side:
 1. check the slapd.conf file on ur sever and figure out wheather the "access to"  configuration right or not.
  may be like that: 
   access to * 
     by * read
     by * wirit
     by * auth
2 Does ur rootdn and rootpw configed well
  rootdn "cn=Manager,dc=example.com"
  rootpw  secret

On client side:
  you can connect as ur basedn="dc=example.com"

  if u have entries in ur directory so set the entry's userPassword attirbute,
u also can login with that entry's dn as userdn and the value of userPassword and the passwd.

ps: LDAP Browser is a nice client software for ldap

Good luck!

by Johnson

>I get connection failed error. I
> am very new to OpenLDAP wondering what to do?
> Thanks for any input,

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