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Re: memberNisNetgroup limit

At 07:17 AM 8/6/2004, Daniel Henninger wrote:
I am running into an apparant limitation of the memberNisNetgroup schema (or something else, I have no idea yet) that I was not aware of. Basically, if I try to give a user 9 netgroups, I get:
ldap_modify: Critical extension is unavailable (12)
       additional info: entry update failed

Seems your client requires some extension the server doesn't support... or you run into a bug. In the latter case, you should make sure you are running the latest version of OpenLDAP Software.

I will have to test more, but I think there's a good chance that it was becuase I shut down slapd uncleanly and it corrupted the db. =) Reason I say that is, if I simply removed that entry, an entry further down the pipe that had the same number of memberNisNetgroup attributes succeeded. I'll do some more testing here in a bit.


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