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entryDN attribute / index (from iPlanet)

Hi all.

I'm modifying an application from using an iPlanet ldap to also supporting openldap, at least for our linux-based test systems.

I've managed to migrate the schema and data relatively successfully (with a lot of effort - some time I'll write it up and post it here for your edification) and now I'm trying to get our application to talk to the new ldap.

I'm trying to minimise changes to the app where possible, so if there is a way to get openldap to mimic the iplanet behaviour, I'd like to use it.

The first problem I've met is that iPlanet seems to define a magic attribute "entryDN" for each directory entry. The iPlanet docs list this as a "System index" that indexes the dns of each entry quickly.

Our application does searches like :

Now, I can modify the app to search for :

This seems to work. What I'd like to know is -
1. Is there a way to alias "entryDn" to search by dn?
2. Is there some way to specify the dn, or the entryDN, as an index to my bdb backend database in slapd.conf ? Or is it automatically indexed?


Korny Sietsma