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Re: JDBC-LDAP Bridge Fun

Jason T Hardy wrote:

Nic Werner wrote:

This problem has been bothering me, so maybe someone can take another look:

url="jdbc:ldap://ldaps.company.com/o=people,c=us?SECURE:=TRUE&SEARCH_SCOPE:=base"; />

<sql:query var="result">
SELECT * from

No matter what program I use, DBVisualizer, JSTL etc, I get this back:

: Scope not recognized

The server is an LDAPS server, not LDAP, and I have to bind to it. Above I've removed the binding details because if it ISNT there, I get a binding error, ruling that out.

Any thoughts? I'm really stuck on this.

- Nic Werner

How about

select <what> from <where>


Its funny, no matter what 'table' I type in, I get this error response. Even if I do:

select dn from ou=People,o=Company,o=com
I get the same error

- Nic