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How to query data DIRECTLY from MySql backend

Hi there,
I have successfully installed openldap-2.2.14 on SuSe
SLES 8.1 Linux to work with mysql-3.23.52-27. The
MySql alone is working very well.
And I have follow instruction to install the test
scripts obtained from directory 
rdbms_depend/mysql i.e.
I can use ldapsearch from another Linux box to obtain
response from test with the comand
# ldapsearch  -x -h <ldapserver>  -b "o=sql,c=RU"

Now I want to use ldap to retrieve data from another
Mysql database called squid_users consists of only 1
table called userdata consists of hundreds of
user records such as loginname, firstname, lastname,
middlename and password.
My question is I have no idea how to use ldapsearch
(or Window ldapbrowser GUI)to retrieve all or may be
just query one user data DIRECTLY from squid_users.

I have the following ldap tables created in Mysql
database squid_users;
ldap_attr_mappings, ldap_oc_mappings, ldap_entries

but the ldap_entries is blank because I don't want to
duplicate all Mysql data into the ldap_entries table.

Much appreciate if someone can provide some direction.

Much thanks.

Yours Sinceely,
Daniel Lim

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