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Re: Indexing: Is this a bug?

--On Monday, August 02, 2004 12:41 PM -0700 Svetlana Gasparyan <svetmariam@yahoo.com> wrote:

   The question is: why in case b) LDAP reads all records. Shouldn't it
scan (as it was in the case (a)) only 3 entries.
Is this a bug or misunderstanding how indexes are working in OpenLDAP?

Below is the extract from slapd.conf file:

index  objectClass  eq
index  cn,sn,uid   pres,eq,sub

substring indexes by default only work on 3 or more characters. You can change that behavior somewhere.

So sn=r* is less than 3, so it will look at everything. If you did "sn=res*" it would work better.


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