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Re: Building 2.2.15 Berkeley issue

--On Monday, August 02, 2004 8:00 AM -0700 Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah@stanford.edu> wrote:

It happened again, so here are the logs:

-------------------------------- FAILED CONFIGURE --------------------------------------------------------

checking for db.h... yes
checking for Berkeley DB link (default)... no
checking for Berkeley DB link (-ldb42)... no
checking for Berkeley DB link (-ldb-42)... no
checking for Berkeley DB link (-ldb-4.2)... yes
checking for Berkeley DB version match... no
configure: error: Berkeley DB version mismatch

configure:19292: /usr/pubsw/bin/gcc -o conftest -O2 conftest.c -ldb-4.2 -pthreads -lresolv -lgen -lnsl -lsocket 1>&5
configure: failed program was:
#line 19259 "configure"
#include "confdefs.h"

#ifdef HAVE_DB_185_H
       choke me;
#include <db.h>
#ifndef NULL
#define NULL ((void *)0)
       char *version;
       int major, minor, patch;

       version = db_version( &major, &minor, &patch );

       if( major != DB_VERSION_MAJOR || minor < DB_VERSION_MINOR ) {
               printf("Berkeley DB version mismatch\n"
                       "\texpected: %s\n\tgot: %s\n",
                       DB_VERSION_STRING, version);
               return 1;

       return 0;

-------------------------------- WORKING CONFIGURE --------------------------------------------------------

configure:18027: checking for Berkeley DB link (-ldb-4.2)
configure:18084: /usr/pubsw/bin/gcc -o conftest -O2 conftest.c -ldb-4.2 -pthreads -lresolv -lgen -lnsl -lsocket 1>&5
configure:19244: checking for Berkeley DB version match
configure:19292: /usr/pubsw/bin/gcc -o conftest -O2 conftest.c -ldb-4.2 -pthreads -lresolv -lgen -lnsl -lsocket 1>&5
configure:19316: checking for Berkeley DB thread support
configure:19398: /usr/pubsw/bin/gcc -o conftest -O2 conftest.c -ldb-4.2 -pthreads -lresolv -lgen -lnsl -lsocket 1>&5
configure:19460: checking Berkeley DB version for BDB backend
configure:20128: checking for tcpd.h
configure:20138: /usr/pubsw/bin/gcc -E conftest.c >/dev/null 2>conftest.out
configure:20160: checking for TCP wrappers library

Nothing changed between iterations of running configure...


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