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Re: Building 2.2.15 Berkeley issue

--On Monday, August 02, 2004 11:06 AM +0100 Greg Matthews <gmatt@nerc.ac.uk> wrote:

just a data point.
I've seen this since 2.2.14 was released.  And the config.log isn't

I've not seen it and I've built 2.2.14 and 2.2.15 on 3 different machines very recently. However, I also set LD_LIBRARY_PATH before running configure. In all I set the following:


All required software (openssl, sasl, BerkeleyDB OpenLDAP) compiles fine
on Linux/Solaris gcc/studio using this env.

Yes, I've been building OpenLDAP for over a year now, and the way in which I build OpenLDAP hasn't changed. It is simply the behavior of OpenLDAP that has changed. None of the underlying packages (cyrus-sasl, BDB, etc) have this issue.

What is odd to me is how inconsistent the behavior of this I'm seeing is.

1) If it gets the error, it is always the first time I run configure.
2) It doesn't always happen the first time I run configure.

Anyhow, I'll collect the config.log bits next time I look at it.


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