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Re: ldapi PATH oddity

Rich Graves <rcgraves@brandeis.edu> writes:

> openldap 2.2.14 on Linux RedHat Enterprise 3.
> I'm doing anonymous simple binds over ldapi:///. On my test machine, 
> everything including an ACL based on peername.path="/var/run/ldapi" work.
> When I moved it to a production machine, the ACL failed, and logs show 
> gibberish IPC PATH like the below.
> As far as I can tell, the only difference between the machines is that the
> production machine has multiple CPUs. The running binaries, slapd.conf, and
> kernel versions seem to be the same.
> Jul 29 14:26:38 blanca slapd[22123]: conn=141 fd=19 ACCEPT from PATH=§o\201@c£ (PATH=/var/run/ldapi)

You should escape your path, that is

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