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Re: Special Character Handling in the LDAP DN and entry attributes

First note that this should be discussed on the general LDAP mailing list
ldap@umich.edu (Cc:-ed and Reply-To: set).

Wu Miao wrote:

dn: cn=test\, user11, ou=Expired, o=Bungalo, [..] cn: test, user11

This attribute is of syntax Directory String (

            certSubjectDn: cn=This\, is\, a\, test, ou=Expired,
            o=Bungalo, domainComponent=Mission190, domainComponent=com

This attribute should be of syntax Distinguished Name (

mail: "rfc822Name=testuser11@mission180.com"

Looks weird to me since RFC1274 says this should be a RFC822-compliant e-mail address.

             m" "iPAddress="

certSubjectDn is a new attribute I populated in LDAP schema to hold the value of a certificate subject Dn with the cn value is This, is, a, test.

Well, judging from your data example it seems to me that you need something like draft-ietf-pkix-ldap-pkc-schema (formerly named draft-klasen-ldap-x509certificate-schema).

Ciao, Michael.