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Change userPassword to CRYPT

Hi, I have an OpenLDAP server on FC2 and I have a question about
passwords. I have a service running a Dovecot IMAP server and another
one running Samba for our PDC. I made a small script to change the
user's password which create the crypt password and updates the
userPassword attribute and I have setup Samba with the "ldap passwd
sync" option but whenever I change the password through Samba it sets
the userPassword to SMD5 and Dovecot doesn't support this so I need to
setup Samba to set the password in CRYPT instead. From what I've read in
the Samba mailing list, Samba "uses the password extended operation to
change the value of userPassword". So if I change the password-hash to
{CRYPT} in my slapd.conf will that do the trick? Also what do I use for
the password-crypt-salt-format?


Jean-Rene Cormier <jean-rene.cormier@cipanb.ca>