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Re: Newbie LDIF question

--On Wednesday, July 28, 2004 10:22 AM -0700 Kevin Williams <kwilliams@tarity.com> wrote:

Are they because I ran slapadd as root ? Should I change back the
owenership of these files to user 'ldap' ?

Yes. As a personal practice, I try to use the ldap commands instead of the slap commands. Both work, but by using ldap, files will be created with correct read/write permissions and ldap commands tend to error out on stuff that slap will push through.

You could simply run slapadd as the user in question (I suggest looking for the utility from Daemontools known as "setuidgid"). I'll note that load times via slapadd are generally substantially faster than they are for ldapadd, when doing bulk data loads.


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