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Re: wierd problem when setting up replica server

I'm not sure but maybe SA 2.1 use gdbm or another version of berkley db. Choosing between gdbm or bdb version is at compile time so you won't be able to copy the databases. The best you could do is a slapcat of the master that you will be able to slapadd to the slave.
Consider upgrading, (I do not  know why redhat maintain such a old version of openldap in there most recent distrib).

Castelhano, Dan a écrit :
wierd problem when setting up replica server

Hi all,

My "master" ldap server is configured with an LDBM database and is running on a redhat advanced server 3.0 platform...ldap version 2.0.27-11 (redhat rpm)

I'm trying to setup two "slave" ldap servers. Pretty much the same config in slapd.conf as the master server, but with the necessary changes such as updatedn and updateref.

One slave server is running redhat advanced server 3.0 (same ldap version as master). db files were copied over from the master server and this works correctly.

I do the same thing on the 2nd slave server which is running redhat advanced server 2.1 this time (ldap version 2.0.27-4.7) and it doesn't work. When I try to browse the directory with "ldap browser", I get a list failed error...ldapsearch also fails.

I tried setting up slave ldap servers on a few other AS3.0 and AS2.1 servers I have...the AS3 servers always work...the AS2.1 don't.

I can't figure out what's different with AS2.1...besides a really minor version number difference. Anyone else have any ideas?