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Re: openldap up; can't db_stat

tor, 22.07.2004 kl. 14.16 skrev Frank Swasey:

> > OL 2.2.14, BDB 4.2.52/2 patches, Cyrus SASL 2.1.18 installed as
> > alternatives to RHAS3 standard utilities in /usr/local are super stable
> > and fast as the wind, on superior hardware (in my case IBM eServer 32
> > bit).
> >
> > I've just completed the largest OL 2.2.14/Postfix 2.1.4/Courier 3.0.6
> > installation I've ever had on RHAS3 and the above combination leaves me
> > breathless as regards to stable and advanced technique.
> Tony,
>   I'm left a little confused -- as I'm just about to embark on a project
> to upgrade my production servers to OL 2.2/RHAS3 -- are you saying you
> have replaced the RH rpm's with newer versions and everything is working
> or that you installed the newer versions in /usr/local and left the RH
> rpms (of older versions) installed and untouched?

The latter. I chose not to install the 2.0.27 server rpms, did install
the client rpms because of library dependencies. I mved /usr/lib/sasl2
to sasl2.orig, installed all the Openldap 2.2.14 and supporting stuff
(including Openssl) to /usr/local and linked /usr/local/bib/sasl2 to
Usr/lib/sasl2. By keeping as much custom stuff in /usr/local the hassle
with up2date and its DB is minimized. Openldap 2.0.27 clients have to be
renamed, also the Berkeley DB and Openssl utilities, to avoid
incompatibilities. I'm getting used to all of this kind of thing now ;)
But as a base OS, RHAS3 is a really good choice, especially on the IBM



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