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Re: openldap up; can't db_stat

Today at 3:39am, Tony Earnshaw wrote:

> OL 2.2.14, BDB 4.2.52/2 patches, Cyrus SASL 2.1.18 installed as
> alternatives to RHAS3 standard utilities in /usr/local are super stable
> and fast as the wind, on superior hardware (in my case IBM eServer 32
> bit).
> I've just completed the largest OL 2.2.14/Postfix 2.1.4/Courier 3.0.6
> installation I've ever had on RHAS3 and the above combination leaves me
> breathless as regards to stable and advanced technique.

  I'm left a little confused -- as I'm just about to embark on a project
to upgrade my production servers to OL 2.2/RHAS3 -- are you saying you
have replaced the RH rpm's with newer versions and everything is working
or that you installed the newer versions in /usr/local and left the RH
rpms (of older versions) installed and untouched?

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