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LDAP organizationName attribute handling with outlook

I'm trying to install a distributed adress book in a company.
Everything is doing fine, I just have a problem with the attribute
Outlook express use this atribute to populate the filed company in the
adress book but outlook 2002 seems to use the attribute "company" (thx
So I've aliased the attribute like this :
attributetype ( NAME ( 'company' 'o' 'organizationName' ) SUP name )

And Outlook 2002 see the attribute and display it correctly. But now,
outlook expresse doesn't see it anymore !
So, I've the choice between :
attributetype ( NAME ( 'company' 'o' 'organizationName' ) SUP
name ) // (works with outlook 2002).
and :
attributetype ( NAME ( 'o' 'organizationName' 'company' ) SUP
name ) // (works with outlook express).

So I think i need to create 2 different attributes but I need to keep them
sync, so how can this be done ? (I cannot modify the client application to
do this, must be server side).

Julien Escario