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Re: size limit

On Thu, 2004-07-22 at 11:04, Michael Ströder wrote:
Michiels Olivier wrote:
> Well, it seems there is a size limit.

I don't think so.

> I try to insert a X509 CRL within my ldap without any success. Small 
> CRLs works but not the big one (240Kb).

What's the exact error message?
I didn't have any error messages.
Do you have debug output of the LDAP server?
Nothing special in the debug output.
I guess there's something wrong with your CRL.
Nothing is wrong with the CRL.

If you provide the CRL (by HTTP download or personal e-mail to me) I'd check 
whether I'm able to store it in my local LDAP server.

Note that personal e-mail is an exception in this special case! This is just 
to avoid big attachments going to the mailing list. For normal responses 
stay on the list. I refuse to answer OpenLDAP questions received by personal 

Ciao, Michael.

I finally found the problem, I 've to add the sockbuf_max_incoming parameter in my slapd.conf and now it works. The default value is 262143 bytes and my CRL is more then 267 Kb.

Thanks anyway for your help,

Olivier Michiels