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init.ldif not working

Hi as far as I can see this file adapted from the TLS tutorial should be fine:




dn: dc=acompany,dc=co,dc=za

objectclass: dcObject

objectclass: organization

o: Acompany

dc: acompany


dn: cn=LDAP_ADMIN,dc=acompany,dc=co,dc=za

objectclass: organizationalRole



dn: ou=Acompany SomeDepartment,dc=acompany,dc=co,dc=za

objectclass: organizationalUnit

ou: Acompany SomeDepartment

description: Test organizational unit to hold admin user


dn: cn=mr admin,ou=Acompany SomeDepartment,dc=acompany,dc=co,dc=za

objectclass: person

userPassword: testpass

description: mr admin test user

cn: mr admin

sn: admin


However when I try ldap add it I get


ldap_add: Invalid syntax (21)

        additional info: objectclass: value #0 invalid per syntax


Here are my shema refs from my slapd.conf:


include         /opt/openldap/etc/openldap/schema/core.schema

include         /opt/openldap/etc/openldap/schema/cosine.schema

include         /opt/openldap/etc/openldap/schema/inetorgperson.schema

include         /opt/openldap/etc/openldap/schema/openldap.schema


Am I missing a schema?