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Re: X.509 with java CertStore


Did you ever solve this issue as I am having the exact same problem.



Trebor Iksrazal wrote:

> I am able to search for userCertificate;binary and
>convert to the X509Certificate class. However, I
>cannot use CertStore as I must have a problem with
>X509CertSelector.setSubject because it cannot find the
>entry. Perhaps my schema is not RFC 2587 compliant?


> 5) I cannot find the cert via X509CertSelector : 

>final static String newContext =
>LDAPCertStoreParameters lcsp = new
>LDAPCertStoreParameters("localhost", 389);
>      CertStore cs = CertStore.getInstance("LDAP",
>     X509CertSelector xcs = new X509CertSelector();
>      xcs.setSubject(newContext);
>      Collection certs = cs.getCertificates(xcs);
>      if (certs.isEmpty())
>      {
>        throw new Exception("can't find cert");
>      }