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Re: Can't delete empty ou

Jarod Beekman wrote:

Thank you for your help and advice. I guess I will let it be until I
can upgrade.

Most likely your dn2id index is corrupted. You can rebuild it by shutting down slapd and running slapindex. If you have attribute indexing configured, it will go faster to comment all of those indexes out first. Then delete the dn2id file, run slapindex, and then you can uncomment the attribute indexes and restart slapd.

But as Quanah said, 2.1.22 is not great. As long as you keep using that version, this problem is likely to occur again.
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I assume you did:

ldapmodify <options>


I think I had a problem deleting a leaf at one point in the 2.1 cycle,
but that was fixed in later releases.  Even if you can't go to OL
2.1.30, I would at least try 2.1.23.  2.1.22 had some very serious