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Re: invalid value for syntax

* Andreas Schuldei (andreas@schuldei.org) [040719 17:49]:
> adding a random integer here fixes that slapadd problem.
> debian runs a perl script (fix_ldif) over the 2.0 ldifs, which
> adds some necessary object classes etc, attempting to fix the
> gravest problems. 
> for this problem class at hand it would be best to check if
> attributes conform to their syntax definition. how could i do
> that in perl? i would need to find the syntax for each attribute
> (easily done by parsing the used schemas) and then check what
> each cryptic number means and if the string following the
> attribute name conforms to that definition. This is the part which
> i have no clue how to accomplish it. is this feasable in the
> first place? Hints? has this been done before?

ok, disregard this. i caused that error myself by messing up my
conversion script.