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Re: How-to extend schema

There is nothing terribly OpenLDAP-specific about
proper LDAP/X.500 schema design.  I suggest you
read a good LDAP/X.500 reference (see the FAQ for
some suggestions) and, if you have questions in
this area, direct them to a general LDAP list
such as <ldap@umich.edu>.


At 01:55 PM 7/18/2004, Csillag Tamas wrote:
>I want to use ldap as a lookup table for Postfix.
>For this purpose, and for internal demands like
>  We are a University so I want to define special attribute for account
>  lockout, when (s)he applied for submisson to this university, if (s)he
>  wants spam filtering etc...
>So AFAIK this can be make with extending the schema:
> 1. I have to request an OID from IANA
> 2. Write the schema myself
>This stage I have problems, I do not know how to write the schema
>properly. I can copy/ modify already existing files but I want to know
>what each line means.
>I read: http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin22/schema.html
>But it is not enought for me to understand
>So if someone can explain me how it works or point me the right Docs i
>will be very happy
>Thanks in advance.