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Re: Slow adding attributes to attribute-heavy entry

--On Sunday, July 18, 2004 9:34 PM +1000 Tom Rowlands <tomr_noip@hotmail.com> wrote:


Setting up smbldap-tools (smbldap_tools.pm,v 1.36) along with Samba
(3.0.2a) and OpenLDAP (2.1.26) has been great so far. Unfortunately, I
have hit a problem when I try and add lots of users. smbldap-tools
adds a memberUid attribute to an entry per user. For example, I have
the entry cn=Students,ou=Groups,dc=internal for my Students group:

You may want to investigated upgrading to OpenLDAP 2.2 (which uses btree rather than hash indices) and BDB 4.2.52 (plus patches).


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