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Re: Netgroup syntax error

Jorge Ruão writes:
> objectClass: nisNetgroup
> (...)
> nisNetgroupTriple: (,p_deq,)
> (...)
> nisNetgroupTriple: (,s1_deq,)
> I'm getting a Syntax error:
> adding new entry "cn=net1,ou=Netgroup,dc=fe,dc=up,dc=pt"
> ldap_add: Invalid syntax (21)
>         additional info: nisNetgroupTriple: value #66 invalid per syntax
> Is there any syntax restriction regarding the logins in Netgroups?

The components in nisNetgroupTripleSyntax may only contain letters,
digits, '-' and ';'.  I think the authors have decided this was a
mistake and will revise it to use UTF-8, so this _may_ be a case where
it's reasonable to modify the schema while you are waiting for the

However, do ask the schema authors.  pamldap@padl.com or
nssldap@padl.com, I never remember which of these is which.