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Re: solaris 8 client authentication to openldap (TLS issue)

At 07:24 AM 7/16/2004, Lara Adianto wrote:
>Now the problem is that the server complains about
>wrong version number !!!  What does it mean ?

This error string is provided by OpenSSL and has no
OpenLDAP-specific meaning.   You should be able to find
what OpenSSL means by this by searching OpenSSL
documentation and mailing list archives.

I note that use of OpenSS tools (e.g., s_client/s_server)
and additional logging might help you here figure this
out.  If the OpenSSL tools don't work, its unlikely
OpenLDAP Software will work.

>Do I need to install the same version of openssl or
>openldap in both the server and the client ?

You generally should install the latest version of
each everywhere you need it.  You might be able to
use older versions, but I would generally presume
they were updated for good reason and that using
older versions or mismatched versions might cause