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Re: where is the log file? -- Newbe (SOLVED)


> You need to do 3 things:
> 1)Tell slapd what to log to syslog .You've done that
> with 'loglevel 256'.
> 2)Tell slapd how to log to syslog. You do this
> (assuming you want slapd
> to use the syslog facility local4) by ensuring slapd
> is started with
> something like '-l LOCAL4', on Redhat-style systems
> you do this by
> adding a line containing :
> to /etc/sysconfig/ldap (which doesn't exist by
> default on RH - go figure)
> 3) tell syslog where to put logging information
> going to syslog facility
> local4, which you have done (though
> /var/log/slapd.conf isn't the most
> appropriate name for a log file ...).

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