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Re: where is the log file? -- Newbe

> hey,
> I am a newbe to OpenLDAP. I am done setting up an ldap
> server and it is working fine. Now I want to learn
> more about the openldap.
> Here is my question, before I start messing around
> with extra futures like security, I want to know what
> the log file is called and where it is located in my
> fedora core 1 machine. I am guessing it would be the
> same in suse and fedora core.
> Thanks,

You need to set a loglevel in slapd.conf.


loglevel        256

Then restart slapd.

That will log to syslog.  If you want your own log file, then you need to
edit syslog.conf and define the local4.*.


local4.*                                        /var/log/ldap.log

Then restart syslog.