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Re: userPassword ACL for radius account

I'm using a older version, which I cannot upgrade at the
moment:  Livingston RADIUS 2.1 1999/6/23  NDBM sun sys5 flat_users

I think I will just try the peername with IP address to allow

Thanks for the input.

Buchan Milne wrote:
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Scott Walker wrote:
| Hi all,
| I need to allow my radius server's local radius userid access to
| everyones passwd in the directory for dial-up authentication.

If your radius server *really* needs to have read access to the
userPassword it is broken - you may want to investigate other radius
servers which aren't broken ...

| The
| radius account is not in the directory.
| Would something simple in the first acl like:  by dn="radius" read  work?

Well, assuming that it is a valid dn, and has a userpassword attribute/

| # ACL
| access  to attr=userPassword
|         by dn="cn=admin,o=domain"         read
|         by self         read
|         by anonymous    auth
|         by *            none
| access  to *
|         by *            read

Regards, Buchan

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