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Re: question

Uh ? 
only indexes?
Also in your RDBMS you can put tons of index using same feature like BTREEs 
and so on... but it isn't the same thing... why? ;c)
A totally newbie asked me "can you explain me easily why it is so fast?" eheh 
... hard question ! ;)

Alle 16:29, giovedì 15 luglio 2004, Ottavio Campana ha scritto:
> Carlo Truijllo ha scritto:
> > Hi folks
> > 	I wonder how openldap is faster in read than in write, in other word ...
> > I know that there is a fast protocol below ( faster than old X.500) but I
> > wonder what kind of process or algorithm is based?
> > it is only due to  the speed of backend ?
> > and... with a backend like SQL how can it be faster than a simple RDBMS ?
> > How it is organized in poor words ?
> Just think about ldap's indexes . If you use several index, when you add
> an entry you need to update all the indexes, but when you read something
> you can just select the best index and extract the data from it.
> This is why reading is faster then writing.